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Pepe Gil Vázquez

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Pepe Gil Vázquez


DIAN is a leading company in the footwear field. After 30 years of experience, researching and process, Dian has achieved to manufacture the perfect sanitary footwear for any worker. Comfort and safety are two of the main characteristics that fulfil all our sanitary/hospital footwear products of this brand. Besides that, Dian has the Spanish certification of origin stamp, also known as OEC for its Spanish acronym. This stamp guarantees that all Dian’s products have been subjected to an extensive audit in order to confirm that the products’ design is 100% made in Spain.

Dian firmly believe that footwear is a work tool that has to adapt to each occupation needs. Thus, Dian follows the biomechanical principles and standards to ensure that all its footwear have an appropriate adaptation and care of the feet. All the shoes models provide a whole outside and protection, showing trendy designs perspective. Moreover, Dian supplies the possibility to add orthopedic insoles that have been design to correct or, at least, moderate different pathologies.

Dian also promote innovation and versatility; all the company shoes insoles are made of softy padded and breathable material, which adapts perfectly to the foot and removes moisture and dries quickly to keep the foot dry.

All this makes Dian a leading company in the footwear field and it is considered as a reference in the sanitary/hospital labour-market.


Nowadays, Dian has a wide footwear variety including 27 different designs of shoes in its product range. If you check our catalog you will find our sanitary/hospital footwear available for different professional groups of this sector. You can find different type of designs like blucher shoes made of a single piece as the CANDY model, closed Velcro shoes or even ultralight flat EVA shoes. Dian always manufactures an ergonomic and unique design for every manufactured model, regardless the type of footwear. Thus, this company gives the worker the opportunity to choose between a wide variety of footwear.

One of the Dian’s main goals is to offer welfare to the workers. The company models have achieved recently certifications that guarantee the quality of the product, favouring the needs and well-being of the customer. INESCOP (Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries) has given Dian the following certificates: the stamp REACH, which is an outstanding stamp in the footwear sector and the Functional Footwear stamp. First, REACH stamp guarantees that all the models have been made by a manufacturing process where hazardous substances have not been used. These substances may have a negative impact on people’s health, and that is the reason that Dian avoids to manufacture its footwear using them, taking care of the environment in this way. Secondly, the Functional Footwear stamp guarantees thermal comfort footwear, because this type of shoe keeps the suitable temperature for the foot health avoiding high temperatures. Besides, these shoes are manufactured and designed to prevent feet pathological problems due to a good pressure distribution across the sole of the foot. That means our footwear also look after foot muscular activity.




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